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The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc throughout the globe, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. But neither are we.

Like so many nonprofits and small businesses, the coronavirus pandemic is having a significant impact on the work and financial capacity of The Exodus Road. 
While our resources have been hit, the need has only increased.

Learn how we are responding to COVID-19 by inviting others to join us in bringing hope to the most vulnerable around our world.

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Here at The Exodus Road our ethos is, "Justice is in the hands of the ordinary."

We truly believe that when ordinary people unite under a cause, there is great hope for change. Our world is living through an extraordinary time during the COVID-19 pandemic. It's hard to know how to be a positive influence in our community when our everyday lives are disrupted. For this reason, we published a blog and
free infographic to help you continue to prove that justice is in the hands of the ordinary-- even during COVID-19!

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Our Hearts are Afraid.

Lockdown looks different in India.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, government orders to “stay home” reverberate around the globe. For so many living in first world economies, this comes as a blow to businesses and livelihoods, but it also comes with the promise of aid from the government. Here in the United States, a COVID-19 stimulus law known as the CARES Act has been passed to provide relief, and while these days are challenging in the USA, the view from here remains a privileged one.

In India, however, the effects of the crisis are much more severe.


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3 Ways to Fight Human Trafficking

In the dark and hidden corners of the world, where the machine of human trafficking grinds on, sons and daughters are not only enslaved but unprotected from this pandemic.

The health and well-being of modern slaves was never a priority to their traffickers, and the outbreak of COVID-19 has left these men, women, and children even more vulnerable than before. 

Read our blog post below for three simple ways you can still fight human trafficking-- right from your home.

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3 Ways to Fight Human Trafficking-3

The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in a greater sense of shared humanity than any event in recent history. It seems like every single person will be affected by this virus in some way.

We at The Exodus Road are concerned about how the effects of the virus may result in increased risk for those already in danger of falling prey to human traffickers. 

Read our blog post to learn about the ways that the COVID-19 crisis is affecting the lives of human trafficking victims, and the systems of slavery that hold them captive.

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