If you want to be on the front lines fighting human trafficking, you can become a volunteer operative supporting our national teams. Here's how. 

The Exodus Road primarily supports police in evidence gathering for cases of human trafficking. Working with teams of nationals, we deploy trained and highly vetted Western operatives to help with identifying current victims, gathering intelligence, building evidence packages for police, and supporting operations. We call this team DELTA Team. 

DELTA Team deploys multiple times a year to SE Asia or Latin America and operatives are volunteers who also cover their own expenses (which they can do via fundraising). Each man or woman must first pass an intense vetting process, must be 30 years of age or older, and must be willing to travel for a 14 day period. 

And while the process and work is challenging and daunting, it is also highly effective. Evidence is gathered, cases are delivered, rescues and arrests are empowered on the front lines. 

Team Hero Delta

You've Got Questions. We Have Answers.

Who can be a DELTA Operative?

Men and women over the age of 30 years old can apply. Past investigative experience is not necessary, but we often have police officers or members of the military apply. We had also had business owners, teachers, lawyers, and even a race car driver join the program. It is open for all to join, but the vetting process is extensive. 

What does the vetting process involve? 

The vetting process is highly difficult. Applicants must first submit an application, then undergo multiple background checks and pyschological evaluations. If those are passed, then he/she is invited to an interview where a full day of in-person evaluations and testing is conducted. Typically only about 30% of those that apply are accepted into the program.

Would I get training? I've never done investigative work into sex trafficking before.

You do not have to have done investigative work to be accepted onto DELTA team. We are looking for healthy individuals with strong integrity, mental grit, and interpersonal skills. We train extensively on every deployment on how to collect evidence, operate gear, and conduct intelligence gathering. 

Is it dangerous? 

It can be, but we work hard to mitigate risk. TER operates with strict guidelines and protocols for all investigative work. All operatives work on teams and with specific cases or missions as directed by our team leads. TER also only operates with the permission from local trusted police partners. Personal safety is obviously a very high concern, however, the places where trafficking occurs are dangerous ones.To date, we have never had physical violence take place with any staff or volunteer.  

What is the commitment in time and money? 

If you are accepted as a DELTA Team member, the expense for a deployment is around $4500. This covers airfare, lodging, and investigative expenses for a two week deployment. DELTA members who serve on the team consistently are invited to do shorter deployments in smaller teams with specific cases and those expenses can be covered by TER. However, a standard deployment which takes place multiple times a year are expected to be fully covered by the operative. We do have fundraising resources in place for those who would like to fundraise to cover these expenses. 

If you are accepted, you will be placed on our DELTA roster. These men and women are notified of deployment dates and are expected to make at least one deployment per 18 months to stay active on the team. 

Is it difficult? 

Absolutely. Our DELTA operatives are some of the most courageous, most committed individuals in The Exodus Road community. They sacrifice greatly to volunteer in this way. They give much to support our national field teams and police partners - and ultimately those caught in human trafficking. 

What's a deployment really like? 

Deployments typically take place in SE Asia or Latin America. They involve typically between 6-10 operatives, working alongside our Delta Team Director, TER leadership, and national staff. If you'd like to read a bit more about what an investigative experience may involve, you can read this article about a DELTA deployment

How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying for DELTA Team membership, complete the form below. We'll put you on the email list to notify you when our vettings are open. We accept applications multiple times throughout the year.