Traffic + Funnels LP HERO-02

You can send rescue for victims of human trafficking.

Traffic & Funnels is partnering with nonprofit The Exodus Road to support investigative and rescue work for those trapped in the worst abuse imaginable. 

The Exodus Road equips teams on the front lines of the fight against modern slavery. Working in Thailand, India, Latin America, and the United States, they send trained operatives to gather evidence of human trafficking and assist local authorities in rescue missions and the arrests of traffickers. They also provide social workers to provide immediate survivor care.

Operating for nearly a decade, their work also involves offering gear, technology, and training to local police, as well as leading key training and after care projects in the countries where they work. 


The Traffic & Funnels community has a unique opportunity to come alongside this critical work and push it forward. 100% of the funding raised through this partnership here will be used to fuel front line investigative and rescue work.

Additionally, both organizations will be working hard to let you know the impact your giving will have on the fight for freedom. 


Traffic Funnels LP Bottom Final