Sustainability starts with local communities.

The Exodus Road doesn’t believe in swooping in to bring rescue while leaving local communities helpless to be part of the solution. Our teams of investigators, made up of foreign nationals, work year-round to build relationships with local authorities and organizations. We also train local law enforcement to help them fight human trafficking more effectively. Everything we do to find and free victims of human trafficking is in partnership with local law enforcement.

We believe foreigners who operate with an isolated, hero-mentality can do a lot of damage, especially in the field of counter-trafficking work. We hire nationals, train locals, and support indigenous programs that combat slavery. Human trafficking must be fought from within a culture if it’s to be effectively fought at all.

Training Events

We fund, host, and lead training events for nationals. In these events, we focus on targeted investigations and interventions. In the last five years, we have trained police officers, NGO workers, volunteers, community leaders, and investigations teams throughout SE Asia, India, and the U.S.

Covert Gear & Technology

In addition to equipping nationals with knowledge, we are committed to equipping them with the tools they need. We grant covert gear and technology to those gathering evidence of trafficking, particularly nationals who struggle to acquire the funding for such gear. The technology we provide ranges from covert cameras, long range cameras, communications devices, and GPS tracking devices to government-grade technology. As we work with both nonprofits and government agencies, we strive to push forward local efforts.

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