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The Exodus Road is an international nonprofit coalition of investigators which has fueled hundreds of rescues from sex slavery. Yet, the beginnings of the organization were the definition of humble. Matt Parker, a former youth pastor and humanitarian worker living in SE Asia with his family stumbled into the grave need for informants into the sex trafficking that was taking place literally down the street from where his family lived. Through a series of unexpected events, Matt became deputized by the local police and began his journey into undercover investigative work himself. What grew from his experiences working cases all over SE Asia became the DNA for The Exodus Road coalition


The Exodus Road: One Wife's Journey into Sex Trafficking and Rescue

The Exodus Road is a true story from the front lines of sex trafficking and rescue. Laura Parker documents the details of a husband-turned-undercover investigator. As Matt Parker moved into hundreds of remote brothels, back alleys, mafia-driven red-light districts, their marriage launched into the realities of what rescue really costs. Readers also meet several of the brave investigators who today continue to bring literal rescue to sex slaves around the world. If you'd like an honest account of the world which The Exodus Road investigators face every day and you'd like to understand more about why we have chosen to run our nonprofit in an unconventional manner, you'll want to take an hour or two to read our story.

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Winner of the 2013 Writer's Digest e-Book Award | Self-Published (Nonfiction)

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Phenomenal and heart-wrenching! ~C. This is the kind of story that people re-tell around the dinner table, at coffee shops, and in airports. Laura is a mom of three kids and her voice is extremely relatable -- a very ordinary person in very extraordinary circumstances. Carve out an afternoon and find out for yourself. ~Kelley J. Leigh I read this book not once, but twice, in a matter of two-three hours. I read it once to myself and then I followed my mom around her house while she cleaned and read it out loud to her. The story is easy to follow but one that stirs your heart and makes your heart skip beats. ~Rici Reid Riveting, heartbreaking, amazing... Words fail to describe how much potential this book has to speak to your soul. The road to freedom is filthy and hard, but sooo worth fighting for. This story's unique perspective was bitter-sweetly beautiful. ~ Jessiqua Wittman Reading this book won't take much of your time, but it will rock your safe little world if you let it! Laura Parker does a great job of being real and honest as she recounts the experience of sending her husband to investigate and witness human trafficking first-hand. ~Ashley It is honest, gut-wrentching, raw and so moving! I felt like I was walking this journey with them and I am encouraged to make a difference. ~Neelie This is what happens when sex trafficking and rescue become more than a trendy words. ~Amy Sullivan The story is easy to follow but one that stirs your heart and makes your heart skip beats. Laura writes as if she is talking to you across the table with cups of coffee in your hand and hers.” - Ric

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With years of international living in three different countries, Laura is no stranger to a life of transition. A wife who sends her husband into brothels to look for children, she is well-acquainted with the mess that comes with trying to bravely love the less fortunate. Laura currently serves as the Vice President of Communications for an anti-trafficking organization, The Exodus Road, which her husband founded during their years of living in SE Asia. The Exodus Road is a coalition which works to fuel undercover investigation and rescue around the globe. She also co-founded and edits a collective blog for international humanitarian workers, A Life Overseas, and has been published with Compassion International, RELEVANT Magazine, MOMSense, Deeper Story, and {In}Courage. She blogs honestly at Laura Parker Writes.The Exodus Road is her first book and documents the gritty journey of their family into the undercover world of sex trafficking. Laura is currently working on an expanded version of "The Exodus Road" and is open to considering serious inquiries.