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Two young Indian women are free today! Ela and Maira fell prey to one of the most common traps used by traffickers. Poverty and lack of opportunity made the promise of good jobs, the lure of stability, and a chance at more than mere survival seem worth any potential risks. 

But your national operatives in India have been vigilant in their investigations. And they’ve been working to build a strong partnership with regional police leadership which is resulting in expeditious operations. 

Within seventeen days, they collected case evidence, and equipped police partners in organizing the raid and rescue. 

And they found and freed Ela and Maira! 

The women were immediately taken to a safe house to begin assessing their needs. 

Their five traffickers were stopped and are now in jail. 

Lives are being changed, and because of our strategic approach, the business of human trafficking is now even more uncertain in this region. 

Thank you for your part in making these rescues and arrests happen. Your national operative teams are highly specialized in their investigative skills, but they can only do this work if they are equipped by people like you who care. 


*Names, image, & some details are representational


Celebrate with us — nine women are free today in India!

Like so many, they were lured with the promise of good jobs only to find themselves trapped and sold in dirty brothels. With minimal education, job offers of domestic work are hard to resist when the alternative is mere survival. 

But our national team has been conducting investigations tirelessly in India, in spite of the pandemic. They’ve also worked to form strong relationships with police, and the fruits of those relationships are showing in the quick turnaround time with cases built and raids executed. 

In this case, TER operatives found evidence of young women being trafficked in three different brothels. 

Typically, our national teams conduct investigations, collect evidence for cases, and assist police with raids as they are needed. But our national director of India has built strong rapport and a deep trust with authorities. And in Operation TRIPLE-PLAY, he was given permission to lead in organizing and coordinating all three raids simultaneously. 

In just twelve days of working on the case, these young women were found and freed. And their eleven traffickers are now in jail!

As we launch into 2021, we are deeply grateful for the way you make freedom a priority and empower rescue with your support. 


*Names, image, and some details representational


Four teenage boys are free in Thailand today because of you!

Chatri* is just fourteen years old and still has the lanky frame of a child. You empowered Search + Rescue to put an end to his exploitation, along with two sixteen-year-old boys and one seventeen year old.

Traffickers had recruited these boys through Facebook with the lure of making good money. 

Their jobs were to service the exploitative desires of locals and tourists. 

Advertised in their school uniforms on Twitter at just 1,500 Baht ($50 USD), these boys could be bought and abused. 

But the sole purpose of our national Search + Rescue teams is to actively look for children in slavery. And over the course of 3 months, they collected evidence and put a strong case together.

Local police approached the motel, ready for any scenario. 

Right away, they were able to find Chatri and free all four boys!

They were met with social workers who assured them they were now safe, and their abuse was over.

One trafficker jumped on his motorcycle in an attempt to escape. But he wouldn’t get far. Police were tracking him, and they intercepted him not far from the hotel. 

He and all four traffickers were arrested!

Thank you for making this rescue possible. When you stand together for justice, freedom for survivors becomes a reality.


*Names, image, and some details representational

Operation PROMISED

Celebrating the gift of freedom with you! Hansa and Saarya are free today in India. 

Hansa, just 16, and Saarya, in her mid-twenties, were promised good job opportunities. But they were deceived. 

They met each other at the brothel where they were forced to be sold each day. There was a language barrier — Hansa didn’t speak Hindi. But in such traumatic circumstances, even gestures and the look of pain mirrored in their eyes was connection enough. 

The only thing that could be worse than what they endured every day was to be alone in this cruel place. 

But they were not alone!

Our national operatives in India gathered trafficking intel on this particular hotel. Undercover operatives immediately began to investigate and identified Hansa as a minor, and Saarya as coerced. They collected all evidence needed for the arrests. 

A raid was carefully planned by Indian authorities, and they descended on the hotel. Police found Hansa and Saarya and calmed them with assurances that they were now free. 

Five traffickers were arrested, despite their threats of connections with people of political influence. Their methods of coercion were useless.They are now in jail. 

Hansa and Saarya were taken to a safe house where they can begin to heal. 

Your support empowered the national operatives to do thorough investigations, build a strong case against the traffickers, and equipped police to send rescue. And this means freedom today for Hansa and Saarya. Thank you!


*Names, image, and some details representational


Four Bangladeshi women are free today! 

All in their twenties, Zafrina, Aadhysha, Vijetha, and Udaya were born and raised in Bangladesh, a country that ranks particularly low on the Legatum prosperity index. It  states that safety and security are especially low, where “war, conflict, terror, and crime have destabilized the security of individuals.”

So, when Zafrina, Aadhysha, and Vijetha were offered domestic jobs — as housekeepers in India for the affluent — they jumped at the opportunity. Udaya was solicited to be a bride to a businessman who lived in Mumbai. She was afraid of what her future held, committing her life to a stranger. 

But the risks at stake were so much higher than these four women could imagine. 

Men coordinated their transportation to India. They weren’t far beyond the border when the small van pulled up to a seedy looking hotel. 

Another man came out to greet the driver and ushered the women inside. They felt alarm, knowing that the trip was supposed to take longer. But they didn’t speak Hindi and had no way to ask the questions that began to arise. 

Their voices could be heard as they talked to each other, tense and in hushed tones. What is happening? This does not look right.

And that’s when the cards seemed to fall. They were being sold. 

But our national operatives in India are systematically targeting the flow of trafficking along the border with Bangladesh. Team investigators were actively watching for any signs of exploitation, and they worked quickly to put together evidence and collaborate with police. 

Because of the strong relationship national operatives have with the authorities in this area, they were able to move quickly. 

Undercover operatives posing as customers were sent in to hand over cash for these women, and once they were taken to hotel rooms, police descended on the traffickers. 

A female officer approached the women with open arms and a gentle voice. We are here to help you. Peace. You are not at fault. 

And the four women were taken away, in safety. They would need time to heal from these handful of days in the brothel. But thanks to our national operatives, the quick action of police, and your funding, they can start to heal. 


*Names, image, and some details representational


Mónica’s* father was a taxi driver in the city. He worked hard every day to put food on their little table. Usually just rice, beans, and vegetables, but sometimes they could afford to buy chicken for arroz con pollo. It had just been the two of them for the past seven years since her mama passed away from cancer. 

Raúl lived in the barrio, and they met through mutual friends. He was three years older, and with her father always on the road, she gravitated toward a boyfriend. 

He was a little controlling, but somehow that made her feel loved and cared for. 

After a few months, things with Raúl just didn’t go like Mónica intended.

“Hey, mi reina,” he’d say. “Just do me a favor? I have a friend who wants to meet you.” But there was a steely look in his eye, and she knew it wasn’t optional. 

He’d post pictures of her on Facebook. And the more personal ones, he’d send directly to anyone who needed a little extra push to pick a time and date. 

She met his “friends” at his apartment. Raúl always negotiated a “good price” for time with “his girl.” 

That was when she realized that Raúl was also selling drugs. Somehow she had missed this red flag early on. His “friends” would pay her a visit and then the guys would get high together. She’d join them, desperate to escape this reality she found herself in. 

And so the months passed by, and Mónica’s eighteenth birthday arrived. 

She had never felt more alone in her life. 

But you sent national Search + Rescue operatives to investigate these posts on Facebook. They assisted local police in creating a strong, actionable case.  

One evening, Mónica was summoned by Raúl to meet yet another friend. Cash was handed over, but this time, the sound of sirens pierced the air.

Police busted in through the front door, and Monica panicked. 

Before she could even run, a woman in plain clothes entered with police and immediately rushed to Mónica to calm her and tell her they had come to help her. Now she was free! 

Tears of relief poured down her face as she walked by Raúl, his face contorted in rage as they handcuffed him. His days of selling her were over. 

Celebrate with us because Mónica is safe now; she’s back with her father and will begin her healing road because you made her freedom possible. 

*Name, image, and some details representational


Three Indian women have been rescued from sex trafficking, and through your support of our Search + Rescue teams, you have empowered their freedom.

Additi*, Ananya*, and Divya* were offered good jobs in a nearby city, steady jobs that were hard to resist. India had been locked down for months in COVID-19 restrictions, and the lack of work weighed heavily on them as they struggled to feed their children.

Like so many women, they were raising their small children alone. 

But now, spare coins were scarce and restrictions kept them from their work. It didn’t matter. People didn’t have anything extra to spend, and the general fear of getting sick overcame even temple visits. 

On many days, they took to begging. Heads bowed, arms outstretched. 

When they first learned of the new job offers, they were tentative. 

A man who had wandered their shanty town spotted them cooking government rationed lentils outside of their lean-tos, and struck up conversation. Their suspicions of this unfamiliar face were drowned out by his assuring words. 

Good jobs. Respectable jobs in a big house. Money to send back to their children. Let the aunties and grandmothers care for the kids while they worked. The city wasn’t far away. Just four hours. He would drive them there himself. 

A final caress, and the grasping of small hands being torn away as they loaded into the man’s van. The last glimpse as they sped away, blurred by their own tears. 

But this must be done. They must go. 

Weary from the rough road, they arrived in the new city. But where was the big house? The man was short with them as he ushered them into what looked like an old motel. That’s when their anxieties were overcome by fear. 

The hotel manager leered at them as they entered. Pretty ladies, ah yes. Very good. We’ll have customers for you tomorrow. The sound of the door being bolted from the outside set off waves of panic. 

This was a mistake. Now they knew it. 

The next four days were a blur of agony and regret.  

They felt so alone, but help was coming. You equipped Search + Rescue to move quickly.

But the Search + Rescue team had been tipped off that this motel might be trafficking women. They wasted no time sending in undercover operatives to investigate who was for sale, fish for details on where they had come from, and their price. Just 2,000 Rupees ($27 USD). 

Within four days, the case was ready, the raid organized. 

 Police waited a couple of blocks away as marked bills were handed over. The signal was sent, and they flooded the hotel — on a mission to liberate the three women.

Aditi, Ananya, and Divya were found and rescued. Their trafficker? Arrested. 

A female officer explained that they were there to help, and she asked them questions about how they were lured to this place. 

The women wept as they told their story. Tears of sorrow, tears of relief. Their abuse was over. They were taken to a shelter for immediate aftercare, and they will return to their families to begin again.

And because of you, they have their freedom. Their children will have their mothers back, and another trafficker has been stopped for good.

*Name, image, and some details representational

Operation NO MORE

Three teenage girls are FREE today because of you! And three traffickers have been stopped. 

Their families farmed rice in the rurals, on the edge of a city in Thailand. They didn’t have much, but Kanda* and Kulap* had more than most. 

And then COVID-19 struck their small corner of the world. 

Their stability began to crumble with government health restrictions and the sudden plunge in the economy. Just enough to get by became too little, and the girls began to feel the pressure their parents were under. 

And as the days turned into weeks, a new desperation began to creep in. 

Apinya*, their friend at school, introduced them to a guy who took the three of them out to coffee to talk about a job opportunity. His name was Decha*.  

In their part of the world, the job offer was something they were desensitized to. Commercial sex. Somehow, this option felt like the only one available.

It was easy, he explained. He would post their availability on Facebook. They’d meet customers at a friend’s hotel. Decha would keep a cut of the money, share some with the hotel manager, but the rest they could keep.

And so the trap was laid, the bait taken, and they were sold. 

The work? It was horrible. The customers? Old men, lonely men, violent men. Locals and foreigners. The girls wanted to stop just as soon as they started, but Decha threatened to tell their parents. They could still go to school, he said. Just do the work or he’d make things worse for them.

And one day, a day just like any other day, they left school and headed to the hotel. Men were there waiting already. Money in hand.

Hotel doors closed, and suddenly the sound of sirens pierced the air. 

They watched as Decha was arrested with two others suspected of partnering with him.

These three teenage girls are free, and though they’ll never know it, their freedom began with you.  

Thank you for stepping up to fund our Search + Rescue teams to look for girls like Kanda, Kulap, and Apinya. You fueled the man power to do the work of putting together a strong case and empowered local police to take action. You made hope possible. 

We are so grateful to you and while we celebrate another successful raid, today we also celebrate YOU and your heart for justice.  

*Name, image, and some details representational 


Celebrate with us because two young women are now free in India! 

Because of your support, our Indian national team was able to quickly identify these brave survivors and with the help of police partners, bring rescue within days.

Bipasha* had been trafficked for three days before she was found. Lured to India from Bangladesh, she was barely eighteen and hopeful that the job offer would be what she needed. A way to provide for herself and maybe even a chance to save up to dream a little. How could she know, she was one of many girls who fell for this old trick that played upon her vulnerability. 

Passport taken, no way to contact her family, she was sold. 

Aria* was enslaved for eight days before she was found. She left her parents, her village, and nervously accepted her first job — an offer to help cook in the kitchen at a bar a couple of hours from home. She had bravely hugged her parents and ventured out to stake her place in the world. 

But the “job” turned out to be a violent snare, and her new reality was far worse than the poverty she had hoped to overcome. 

Yet these girls were not unseen. Our undercover team BRAVO in India had been fishing again. Sifting through online ads, baiting traffickers, collecting incriminating information, they quickly put together solid cases to present to the new superintendent of police in the area, an Indian woman of like-minded, action-oriented nature.

They were given permission to execute an operation we shared with you recently. The raid was successful, and they took down a major player in the area’s trafficking network. With one young survivor safely in the care of the social worker, the Search + Rescue team sent a request to the superintendent to conduct another raid with police just 40 kilometers away. 

It had already been hours since they began their first mission, the team was weary and wary of the dirty brothels during a world pandemic. But India’s country director for The Exodus Road does not believe in waiting. 

He’s known to quote the legal maxim: “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

They were cleared to do the second raid.

After 21 long hours, the Search + Rescue Team found and freed Bipasha and Aria!

Their ten traffickers were arrested.  

We are grateful to you for the way you prioritize justice. Your support equips our teams and police partners to keep going until freedom is realized. 

*Name, image, and some details representational


For Jaanavi*, the monsoon rains meant nothing. Like the floods, the line of customers streamed into the brothel. For days, weeks, and now months. She had been promised a nice job, an opportunity she couldn’t pass up as a young woman who had come from so little. But the job offer turned out to be bait, and she was forced to work in a brothel far from her home in Bangladesh. She has a beautiful face with a fair complexion and long, black hair. 

Jaanavi was easy to sell. 

But Team BRAVO was looking for her. They didn’t know her name yet, but they knew she was being forced to endure trauma-filled days, unseen. The team had been fishing for criminal activity. Monsoon rains and a world pandemic meant much more time spent doing online investigations, but their nets were coming back full. 

Contact with a trafficker, eager to sell young girls for his own profit, brought a slew of photos on WhatsApp. “Do you prefer this one or that? We can arrange it. Just 2,000** Rupees.” And another image was added to the thread already filled with the faces of young girls trapped. Over the course of three weeks, operatives collected photos and evidence, coordinated with district police, and carefully designed a raid.

Though the target was just 75 km away, the team drove for four long hours through rough roads and torrential rain. Operatives, already accustomed to dangerous work, steeled themselves to enter a dirty make-shift brothel with no regard for the risks of COVID to its customers.

Police were mobilized, operatives posing as “customers” were in place, marked bills ready to hand over in payment — for the last time. 

Jaanavi was rescued. She’s been given hope because of you. And her three traffickers were stopped, because of you. 

*Name, image, and some details representational

Jaanavi means “river”

**2,000 Rupees is about $27 USD.


Because of you, today a young Thai girl is free! Her abuse is over, and she can be a kid again.

Ireshi* was wearing Disney princess pajamas on her slight frame when they came for her, a glaring symbol of the innocence of childhood that was taken from her. She is only fourteen — and was routinely sold to men under the guise of providing massage at a parlor for the past three years. Yet she still looks like the child she is, only just beginning her journey of adolescence.

Her mother, the “chiropractor” in the parlor, arranged and scheduled the “special” services with her daughter for customers who had earned her trust. She groomed her children to keep it a secret, all the while, exploiting them. 

Two months ago, Thai police reached out to TER operatives for help with investigations of a region that was suspected of selling children for sex behind the facade of massage parlors. Covert Investigative Operatives spent time frequenting this particular parlor for regular massage services, and spotted Ireshi. They learned that her older sixteen-year-old sister was no longer being sold, but they were able to collect evidence of Ireshi’s abusive situation. 

During the raid, Ireshi, whose name means “Queen” in Thai, showed incredible bravery. She remained calm and even told those around her not to be afraid. 

Her mother was arrested. Though likely driven to desperation by poverty, her choice to exploit her children will never be justified.

Ireshi was taken under the care of a social worker who told her, “Together we will bring you out of this cycle. And you will have a better life.”

A childhood reclaimed, a life renewed with hope of restoration, Ireshi is now living free. And because of your support, soon, so will others. 

*a pseudonym

Rescue Op. LP (1)

ARRESTED: 4 traffickers

You’ve empowered JUSTICE.

A criminal network that was recruiting, torturing, and selling adolescent girls in one of the most dangerous areas of this particular country has been stopped.

A fifteen-year-old girl was brutally tortured for sharing information about dealings within the brothel with one of its clients. What’s worse, the brothel owner recorded the abuse of this teen and shared it with the other girls in captivity as a threat if they ever dared to speak out. 

Search + Rescue teams went undercover, communicated with the victim who was tortured, collected evidence, and supported police in this mission to take down this human trafficking network. 

The case was delayed for several months due to COVID-19 restrictions, and the traffickers moved the girls to other parts of the country. But our police partners did not give up. Finally, a significant operation took place. Four traffickers were arrested — two men who were in charge of recruiting teen girls and torturing them, a male brothel owner, and a female trafficker who collaborated with these men in selling the girls. 

The search continues for the girls who are being trafficked, but the business of human trafficking has now become dangerous for criminals in this part of Latin America. Thanks for standing with us in this fight. 

Rescue Op. LP

Another trafficker has been stopped because of you!

TER operatives in Thailand spotted tweets from a female trafficker advertising children for sex for 1,300 BAHT each (about $42 USD).

Our undercover investigations confirmed that both children and adults were being trafficked. Two adult females were rescued and they were able to lead the police to the trafficker.

And the children? While they were not found during the police operation, TER operatives and authorities will not stop looking for them.  If traffickers suspect trouble with the law, it is not uncommon for them to hide children and not sell them. And that is why we are so grateful to you for sustaining this Search + Rescue work. Your giving means our operatives can continue to follow up on this case. 

We believe every life enslaved is worth the investment of time, energy, and resources to bring rescue. 

Today, two women are free. Their trafficker is facing justice and no longer selling children online.

Their stories will be different because of you. And soon, we hope, so will others.


You’ve empowered the rescue of a teen girl in Thailand!

TER operative investigations found that a seventeen year old girl was being brokered and sold for sex at a Thai hotel. 

The hard reality is that the person who acted as the trafficker was another teen girl, just fifteen years old. 

This unfortunately is a situation we see often.

In a case like this, a child caught in trafficking may be given a choice by their captor — to keep being trafficked or to traffick others. Can you imagine what would be like to be faced with that choice? The director of TER’s Team DELTA shares about this very problem in our podcast blog

“I sat with her as she bared her soul and told me that this wasn’t who she was.” 

Our teams understand this system, and it inspires them to keep working to continue to take down the bigger human trafficking rings that propagate this issue. 

We could not do this work of rescue and dismantling the system of human trafficking without you and the collaboration of national police and aftercare programs. We are so thankful for the way you show up every month to fight for freedom and bring hope to dark places. 


RESCUED: 2 Girls + 2 Women
ARRESTED: 2 Traffickers

Today we celebrate freedom!

TER Operatives were informed of suspicious tweets on social media suggesting the sale and exploitation of young girls and women. After thorough investigations, local Thai Police were able to conduct a raid, Operation Fallout, which resulted in the rescue of two girls and two women. Furthermore, the police officers were able to arrest two traffickers that were involved.

Rescue missions and arrests are possible because of you and your continued support for our organization. Because of you, these survivors can begin their journey to restoration.

*Names and photos are representational.

Webcam - 07-23-2020

RESCUED: 2 Young Girls, Ages 16 and 17 (From Cybersex Trafficking)
ARRESTED: 2 Traffickers

Celebrate with us the rescue of two young girls in Latin America from online sex trafficking.

The girls thought they were accepting safe jobs in the city, but instead they were forced to perform live sex acts in front of a webcam. This abuse went on for two entire years. But with your support, and through the hard work of police and our investigative team on the ground, these girls are now FREE!

They are safely back with their families -- beginning their own journeys of healing. Their traffickers were arrested; they are facing charges and significant prison sentences. Friends, we are grateful for YOU and the part you play in empowering freedom!

*Names and photos are representational.


RESCUED: 3 Children
ARRESTED: 6 Traffickers

We are celebrating! After nearly a year of investigations, three young girls are free! One 14 year old, and two that are 17. Because of your support, TER national operatives have been able to track clues to a large human trafficking network that sells children for sex.

Investigators discovered that girls and boys under the age of 14 are in highest demand by customers in this trafficking ring, and hotel staff collaborated on the solicitation of customers and the sale of the children.

The three girls have entered the aftercare process and are undergoing evaluations. The traffickers await their fate in jail, with up to 20 years imprisonment and fines of up to $12,000 USD. The arrest of a few can lead to the discovery of other traffickers -- but for now, many more children will be spared these exploitative hands because justice is in the hands of the ordinary. You have not given up on this mission, and neither will we!

*Names and photos are representational.

op 13

He's 13 years old. He should be playing soccer after school. He should be hanging out with friends. He should be playing video games.

Instead, this 13 year old boy was forced to have sex and give sexual services to strangers in back alleys. Multiple times a night.

He was controlled and sold by a Japanese gang in a major city in Thailand. There wasn't much hope for his escape.

But you believed with us in a world where young boys shouldn't be sold for sex. You helped fund the investigations and support needed to take this child off the streets and out of abuse.

And it worked.

Now he's free. He's living in a shelter for children and is receiving support to go back to school. The police are still working with authorities to make arrests in this case.

Thank you for fighting for his freedom. Your support means the world to us, and most especially, it means the world to him.

*Names and photos are representational.

Rescue Op. LP-3-2

The spring sun rises over an Indian village. The sun bakes the slab of a rural highway running through the village. Hot black wheels of motorcycles, of mopeds, vans, and trucks spin by, moving their respective ways. Some wheels bulge heavy with loads of goods to sell, some spin their way to daily errands in the village. Some sets of wheels are starting their morning alongside the rest, but they move on the hot pavement, shipping trapped women from secret locations in the village to a brothel by the highway.

This morning, these wheels commute to a day of forced sex work.

Four Indian women, separated from their family one week prior, were trapped in this brothel. They fell into the hands of a trusted family friend, who tricked them, then trafficked them into slavery. Traffickers worked in this rural brothel -- some as staff, one as the manager.

This spring morning was a morning interrupted. As the brothel manager scoops in his cash from a myriad of customers entering his business, he doesn't know that an investigator posing as a buyer hands over money, then walks up to the second floor, an unwilling woman drawn into the room behind him.

It's moments later, and fifteen Indian officers flood this brothel; it's chaos.

The police arrest five customers and three traffickers. The arrested traffickers beg officers with bribes, and a retired police officer comes to their defense, requesting the traffickers’ release, all to no avail. These men await their fate in jail.

The four women are free now from an indefinite future as forced sex slaves, and fewer wheels spin on the hot pavement toward the brothel by the highway.

*Names and photos are representational.

Believe LP

RESCUED: Six young girls, ages 15-16.
ARRESTED: 1 Trafficker.

Because of you, these six children are no longer being sold for sex in a Thai karaoke shop. Because of you, the shop owner and trafficker is now being prosecuted on multiple charges. Because of you, these girls have gone from lives of exploitation to lives of hope and healing.

Your funding of this mission equipped our national operatives to locate the girls, investigate their case, and ultimately coordinate with police and a government children’s home officer to bring rescue. It takes an army to fight for freedom and we cannot do this work without you. Thank you!

*Names and photos are representational.

Op Same Story

Five women, one teen boy. RESCUED!

They were all promised a good job. But they all ended up forced to work in a brothel. None were even allowed to leave unless escorted by pimps and enforcers. These survivors had different lives, but were trapped in the same hellish story.

Until seven TER national operatives and 22 police officers stepped in.

Through a joint operation made possible by TER investigative work and taking place in two different locations, these five women and teenage boy found freedom through a recent mission.

Seven male traffickers and brothel managers were arrested and if convicted each could face up to 10 years of imprisonment.

... And the story of rescue and freedom continues. Thank you to all of our TER supporters who make this work possible!

*Names and photos are representational.


What if your daughter was 16 years old and pornography of her was sold for $6?
You'd want the exploitation stopped; you'd want justice.

This is exactly what our investigative team and police partners brought for young Kosum* during the recent Operation SCOPE.

Pornographic images and videos of Kosum, along with three more 16 year old girls, were consistently being sold by a trafficker. Our investigative team gathered evidence and delivered it to police partners. Soon after, the trafficker was arrested and is now facing charges.

Parents of all four girls were notified about the abuse; their daughters are now safe again.

We're grateful to our partners and community who continue to make this work possible!

*Names and photos are representational.

Rescue Op. LP-3

A well-known trafficker punches a police officer’s face as he tries to escape a brothel raid. With physical strength, the officer was able overpower the trafficker and arrest him- along with two other traffickers. The process of justice could now begin.

In Operation STRENGTH, two 18-year-old females, *Omala and *Trayi, were rescued from a brothel. Similar to the heartbreaking stories of many young Indian girls, Omala and Trayi were promised good jobs, but were, instead, forced into prostitution. As the field report shared, tears filled the women's eyes as they were rescued from the filthy brothel. The nightmare they were living was finally coming to a close.

The traffickers, finally caught and subdued by the brave officers, are now in jail, and if found guilty, will face up to ten years in prison.

The incredible strength the Indian police officer showed during this operation is truly heroic. Local police continue to dedicate their lives to making the systemic change needed to disrupt human trafficking, and we are so honored to work in support of them.

*Names and photos are representational.


As a TER undercover operative entered a karaoke shop in Thailand, Malee*, a 16-year-old girl, greeted him. Little did she know that freedom would soon be hers.

With a simple payment to the trafficker, our undercover operative was able to take Malee* away from the karaoke shop. He then took her to a nearby location where local police officers, social workers, and staff from an emergency shelter were ready to help.

While our operative was helping authorities care for Malee* off-site, a different team of local police officers raided the karaoke shop and arrested the trafficker. Through further investigation, officers were able to rescue two more female survivors of sex trafficking, Nin* and Daw*, who were trapped in abuse.

One teenage girl and two young adult women are free today; their trafficker arrested and facing justice. We know the world is spinning with lots of hard news right now, but could you take a moment to celebrate the recent success of Operation BLOOM, anyway? Because freedom is still most definitely worth celebrating.

*Names and photos are representational.


Our operatives in Thailand worked with police to rescue five teenage boys (all under the age of 18) from sex trafficking. The boys were brought to a resort by a trafficker and were being sold to provide sexual services to adult men. Police and our team planned and worked together, and they were able to stop the sale before the abuse happened. Operation PERSIST was a success.

The five teen boys are safe today in the care of the Social Welfare Department. The trafficker was arrested. We continue to be so grateful to work alongside such committed police partners.

We invite you to take a moment, and celebrate this good news of freedom and rescue with us.

*Names and photos are representational.


*Shyla's boyfriend convinced her to run away from home. She was convinced that he loved her, so she went.

Shyla’s boyfriend had other intentions, though. Instead of giving her love, he gave her to a trafficker. Shyla found herself trapped in a brothel in rural India, forced to service men multiple times every day.

But Shyla's story didn't end there. TER operatives found her during their investigations and worked with local police to conduct a mission on Shyla's behalf. After multiple failed attempts, they finally found success.

Shyla's nightmare was over.
Field reports described her in tears.

Her two traffickers were arrested and are in jail. Shyla is in a safe home as her next steps are being assessed. Celebrate freedom with us today!

Shyla’s true story is an example of romantic manipulation— a cruel, yet common, method of manipulating men, women, and children into human trafficking.

*Names and photos are representational.

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