The Journey Begins And they're off!
We're in India! Join Laura, Kirsten, and Autumn as they travel over 8,000 miles to meet BRAVO team!

Episode 03 - Our Time in Thailand

Our Time in Thailand We're down a passport, but that won't stop us from gathering stories from our ALPHA operatives!

Episode 04 - 100 Nights

100 Nights They've traveled over 50 hours and 8000 miles, but the story isn't over yet!

BONUS Footage - Blooper Reel!

Bloopers! Want to see what DIDN'T make the cut in our Storytellers series? It's all fun and games in the bonus blooper reel!

You've met them, now it's your chance to join them 

We've discovered that it takes about $35 a night to execute local investigations. Through our Search and Rescue program, each donor sponsors at least one of these nights every month. Funds go directly to our trained operatives on the front lines so they can find victims of slavery and gather evidence to build convincing cases. We need to fuel 100 new nights of investigations for our Search and Rescue Teams in the next two weeks. Will you help us?




Join Search & Rescue Today!


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Search & Rescue Testimonial

"I joined Search & Rescue because I have wanted to fight human trafficking for years and have not known where to start. I have seen the brokenness that physical and sexual abuse causes those who haven't been trafficked, I can't imagine the depths of trauma to the hearts of those who have been trafficked. It breaks my heart."

- Search & Rescue Donor

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