Research indicates that human trafficking awareness training is one of the most effective ways that individuals, organizations, schools and businesses can help fight human trafficking. When leaders and concerned citizens are equipped with the knowledge of how to recognize and prevent human trafficking in their local communities, significant impact for freedom is possible.

It is with this understanding in mind, that The Exodus Road has created TraffickWatch - our human trafficking training and awareness program. Our initial phase of this program centers on the TraffickWatch digital experience. This website is user-driven, award-winning and contains highly engaging content that allows users to explore three paths: learn the facts, discover real stories, and make an impact. The program is offered for free online, and takes around 10-15 minutes to completely experience all the content. Additionally, we provide an occasional resource via email to our TraffickWatch community. 

The second phase of TraffickWatch, launching in Fall 2020, will include in-person trainings with community leaders and groups throughout the state of Colorado.

Please take some time to visit the TraffickWatch experience today by visiting at the link below. If you have additional questions, you can visit TraffickWatch FAQ, as well.


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